Alcatel Temporis IP300

Alcatel Temporis IP300 is a state-to-the-art corded SIP phone embedding a DECT base.
This unique feature on the VoIP market allows to customize your telephony system in function of your company or employees’ needs by pairing a cordless DECT handset (Alcatel IP15) and/or a DECT headset (Alcatel IP70H).
This asset offers freedom, mobility and a maximum of flexibility.
Different bundles are available :
– Temporis IP315 : is composed of Temporis IP300 and Alcatel IP15,
– Temporis IP370 : is composed of Temporis IP300 and Alcatel IP70H.
Alcatel Temporis IP300 has been designed for your comfort:
– it has an easy and user-friendly interface,
– it offers a full duplex hands free to optimize your conference calls,
– it is fitted with 2×12 dual color keys to easily monitor your lines and one-click function access,
– it allows to have access to a local or network phonebook for an enhanced contact management.
Finally, its broad compatibility with the existing IP systems on the market means it will integrate into your current telephone setup.


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